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Private label or Private Domain means that your company is branded throughout our secure email and VPN interface. With a private label solution, only your company's name is seen by online customers, employees or vendors. This improves the perceived value of your company as well as your company website. Sienna Design Group's Private Label service enables:

  1. HIPAA / GLB compliance

  2. Optimal brand awareness

  3. Remote access / extended geographic connectivity

  4. Improved Security

  5. Reduced operating costs versus traditional WAN

  6. Improved productivity

  7. Global networking opportunities

  8. Broadband networking compatibility

  9. Faster ROI than traditional WAN

Provide access to a secure VPN under your own brand name without maintaining the facilities, network, equipment, architecture, deployment and software. You can continue to focus on your core business while we maintain a stable VPN platform for your success. Contact us for more information


When customers, employees, patients or vendors sign in to their account, they will see your name. Log in screen, web interface, and secure notifications all contain your customized logo for increased brand awareness, perceived company value plus HIPAA and GLB regulatory compliance utility.


Private Domain accounts can be set up with a minimum of 12 users for $100 a month and only $7 a month for each additional user. Your initial invoice will be $150 for one month plus domain acquisition and security certificate.

  • Selected unique Private Domain such as -

  • Security Certificate

  • “Double” 128 bit security encryption and audit elements

  • Electronic Lockbox for secure documents

  • Secure Message & Return Receipt

  • Auto Response & Digitally Coded Signature

  • HIPAA and GLB Compliance for each user

  • Large File Transfer

  • Attachment limit per transmission - 200

  • Spam/Virus shields for each user – updated each hour

  • User initiated Spyware/Virus detection and removal

  • Global access utility – (any internet connection)

  • Scalability to 10,000 users per Domain Client

  • Redundant servers at multiple locations –With T-1 backbone

  • Disaster Backup

  • Daily backup maintained on-site for one-week minimum.

  • Weekly offsite backup maintained for seven (7) years or as long as client.

  • All revisions or updates automatically included without charge









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