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99% of Internet users use search engines to locate websites on the Internet for something that interests them. The problem is that users rarely view the results that are listed beyond the first 2 pages. We guarantee to get your site listed on the top of the Search Engine Results.

Search engine optimization and search engine rankings are essential to the success of your business on the Internet. Sienna Design Group is in the business of helping websites make money. We specialize in increasing the traffic to your website by increasing your position in the search engine rankings. Our search engine rankings experts work diligently with you to meet and exceed your company's marketing needs. We do NOT use doorway pages, trickery or spamming techniques.

Internet Marketing

Most Internet surfers don’t go any further than the first 10 listings at search engines before either giving up or making a decision on which company to use. There are millions of web sites battling for these highly sought-after positions, so placing your company among these is not an easy process. However, Sienna Design Group prides itself in being able to place our clients among these listings.

Sienna Design Group's web marketing services are as follows:

  • keyword usage research and selection
  • web site optimization including alt image text customization
  • content formatting
  • optimized link content and placement
  • meta tag placement
  • submission to standard and pay-per-click search engines

The objective of search engine optimization and registration is to increase web visitor counts by ranking very high in the results of searches using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site. We work with you to make your site content rich and search engine friendly; this will increase your search engine rankings. Only then will you find that your site stays in the top of the search engine rankings for the long-term.

Search Engine Optimization

Overwhelming search engines with a submission program doesn’t solve the equation of online marketing. The human touch is a must for all facets of the web, and is more than necessary when trying to accomplish pre-established goals in the most efficient and least costly manner. Part of the reason for Sienna Design Group's ability to place our clients in high ranking is our understanding of search engines.

There are thousands of search engines available on the web, but only a handful are utilized by the majority of users. Each search engine has different criteria to determine which sites to list, and in which order they are displayed to the end user. Sometimes search engines partner and share the same search criteria and result listings.

A true understanding of search engine marketing is necessary to be successful. Improper submissions and site optimization techniques can result in your company’s site to be blacklisted. In this situation, your web site will not be listed within the results.

Top 20 Results

Constructing a fancy website but ignoring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like putting up an eye-catching billboard in the middle of the desert. SEO is like taking that same billboard and placing it downtown in all the major cities all over the world. It’s that powerful. The fact is, Internet users by and large navigate the world wide web using Search Engines. Therefore, if your website comes up at the top of the search results, regardless of which search term or Search Engine is used; you will be in an excellent position to gain business.

Most people think that when they submit their website to the search engines they will be found. The truth is that when you submit your website to the search engines your site will be indexed but lost among the thousands of results. Whatever you search for the search the results are always in the thousands…and more. Our technology allows your site to be at the top results of most search terms that you decide that you want to be positioned on. If you’re not in the Top-20, then your site almost doesn’t exist on the Internet. Most people only go through the first 2-pages of search results. Many web companies offer Search Engine Submission, but not premium Search Engine Optimization and position.











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