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Nexus Health Systems

Client: Nexus Health Systems


Company: Nexus Health Systems works with patients who need long term specialty care as they transition from the acute care hospital and begin their journey toward recovery.


Job Description: Website development, graphic design, hosting, flash animation, search engine optimization, secure email







Renaissance Healthcare Systems

Client: Renaissance Healthcare Systems


Company: Renaissance is in the business of providing quality service to their patients and physicians. Their hospitals, doctors and medical staffs are all dedicated to treating all patients like family.


Job Description: Logo design, website development, hosting, maintenance, content development, software development, patient management, flash animation, secure email/private domain







Daimler Chrysler Architectural Alliance

Client: Chrysler Architectural Alliance


Company: Chrysler is unique in the automotive industry: our product portfolio ranges from small cars to sports cars and luxury sedans; and from versatile vans to heavy duty trucks or comfortable coaches.


Job Description: Website development, project management, hosting







Smith & Hassler, Attorneys at Law

Client: Smith & Hassler Attorneys at Law


Company: Smith and Hassler is a Houston, Texas personal injury law firm. Lead since 1989 by co-founders and practicing attorneys Michael Smith and Albert M. Hassler, they are licensed to practice in Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, and New Hampshire.


Job Description: Website development, content development, flash animation, hosting, search engine optimization, internet marketing




Client: Obese Help


Company: The mission of OSS is to assist individuals in learning about weight-loss surgery, locating a program or surgeon in their area, and provide a comprehensive educational experience to all patients wishing to learn about the surgical treatment of morbid obesity.


Job Description: Logo design, website development, content development, flash animation, hosting, search engine optimization, internet marketing, secure email/private domain
















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